Our Story

Inspiration Behind  ‘PetsGlory

 Few months earlier I woke up one morning & took a look at my Instagram. As always my girlfriend sent me a story with animals (she loves them so much) so I opened it. It said a dog is for adoption and needs home. She's 5 yrs old and if not adopted is going to be put down. That time I didn’t knew what it meant by put down, then I asked my girlfriend about it she said that shelter is full and they cannot maintain her so if she's not going to be adopted by Sunday then she's going to be killed. I was shocked!! I researched its happening all around United States and on following Sunday I called the pet shelter & they said she has already been put down. So Sad right they killed her. I wanted to do something. I want to save those animals so I came up with this business idea which will be executed in two Phases. Using my skills as an entrepreneur I want to make a little impact on their lives

  From Each product sold 10% of the profit will be donated for building a pet sanctuary.  

   https://youtu.be/HflMVgF0b7g  This is a link to our short video for phase 2.

Pet Sanctuary (Non-profit) with the help of 10% funds and help of other non profits we have a mission to build a Pet Sanctuary in Weatherford, Texas. In Sanctuary we will adopt the pets which are about to be put down in shelters. We will take good care of those pets and feature them for adoption with marketing on Social media without any time bound. We will feature a section on PetsGlory.com for pet adoption and pet donation after Sanctuary is built and feature our pets there so people can actually see which pets are being helped by them buying the products. Moreover if they want to adopt they can just contact us through our contact us page on petsglory.com as well as they can donate to or request to foster a specific pet.


 “To save & make every pet life better”

Mission :

"To Donate 10% of each product sold collectively $100,000 to fund the Pet sanctuary project that is to be built in Weatherford, Texas in year 2020"

 Call To Action :

 "Help us make some difference by buying products on petsglory.com"